GURPS Space rules/logic translations:

Hiver Gates -

Interstellar Teleport Gates, Pg. 39

Tarka Warp Drive -

Pg. 40: Warp Drive

Liir FlickerWarp -

Blink-Warp Drive, Pg. 41: Blink-Warp Drive

Solforce NodeDrive -

Wormhole or Keyhole Drive, Pg. 39

Loa -

Combination of ‘Space Highways’ and

Morrigi -

Flock Drive – Similar to ‘Warp’ but requires more ships in a fleet and a Gravboat to attain larger speeds


Tarka Fusion Shaped HyperField – 6 LY per year.

Spin up time?
Navigation difficulties?
Communications while in transit?

Tarka AM Warp – 12 Ly per month/year?


Sword of the Stars - GURPS Resok Resok